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Meet the Pipe Down Team!

You know you've met one of our Pipe Down Plumbing boys if you have received excellent service by a respectful and insightful plumber who may be followed around by a small furry helper.

We pride ourselves on the way we communicate and liaise with our customers. You can count on the PDP team to be honest, friendly and professional. With a collective experience of over 25 years and all Northern Beaches locals, we are your go to choice in plumbing services here on the beaches and right across Sydney.

Pipe Down Plumbing was started by business owner Jackson Baker, after eight years in the industry. He completed his apprenticeship and worked for local maintenance plumbing businesses before striking out on his own and growing what would become the PDP team. His first apprentice, Rufus, has worked by his side and often accompanies him on jobs.

Jackson was soon joined by his good mate, Conor Pearson. Conor completed his apprenticeship in commercial plumbing installations and maintenance and brings his own set of skills, knowledge and experience to the team.

Brendan later joined the Pipe Down Plumbing family along with his Heeler pal Huey. Brendan is also an experienced plumber and completes the PDP trio.

If you see any of our Pipe Down Plumbing team or vehicles out and about, feel free to say hello as you will never find a more cheerful and eager to assist bunch.

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